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Tour 7
Dolores Hidalgo to Atotonilco

La ruta de independencia 30 Kms – 7 hours

Leaving BiciBurro at 8:00am in the Burro-Mobile we drive to the Hacienda de Trancas and from there we ride towards Dolores Hidalgo. Halfway, we stop at the presa del Gallinero for a spectacular view.

Arriving in Dolores Hidalgo (the birthplace of Mexican Independence), we visit the Cathedral of “Nuestra Señora de los Dolores.” Then, joining the Ruta de la Independencia. we head towards the 16th-century Hacienda “La Erre,” the first hacienda built in Northern Guanajuato. Here, Father Hidalgo gave a mass in a grove of Mesquite trees initiating, in—1810—the struggle for an independent Mexico. After almost two centuries, these tree still stand! We then proceed toward the Sanctuary of Atotonilco, “place of thermal waters” in the Nahuatl language.

We cycle along the original Camino Real, where by cactuses and from which we have a view of San Miguel de Allende. The 18th century Sanctuary was built by Luis Felipe Neri de Alfaro and contains famous frescos by Miguel Antonio Martinez de Pocasangre.
OPTIONAL we go to La Gruta to relax in the hot springs, and enjoy snacks and drinks. From there we return via the Burro-Mobile.